About Ledge Rock Hill Winery

grapes on vineWe take pride in producing wines that are custom crafted from the highest quality fruit available. Fruit that is harvested from our own vineyard as well as a select few partner vineyards that have been able to consistently meet our high quality standards.

Winemaking is a skilled and patient art. The vintner’s skill and experience is imparted in every step of the wine making process. An award winning bottle of wine starts with quality fruit nurtured through the wine making process by the masterfull hands and technical skills of the wine maker. 

bottlingA wine making heritage, decades of wine making experience, and a scientific background, have enabled us to take our wine making skills to a higher level of quality and sophistication that we hope you will enjoy.

From the warmth of our Adirondack tasting room to our wine production area it is evident that we take great pride in producing a quality product while giving our customers a place to relax and enjoy our wines.

We use all natural ingredients and limit the use of sulfites as much as possible in order to insure release freshness and impart aging ability to our wines.

Our fermentations take place in Macro-Bins or Stainless Steel tanks under controlled conditions. We hand -punch our reds during fermentation for optimum skin and juice contact and press as gently as possible. Transfers are done with the least amount of turbulence to preserve the freshness of our wines.

barrelsOur red wines are made from grapes we crush at our winery and are aged for a minimum of 10 months in American and/or French oak barrels. Clarity and brilliance is achieved without filtration.

Our white wines are fermented at cool temperatures and aged in stainless steel to bring the true varietal character of the grape forward.