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One More $5 Friday of the 2019 Season!

You've asked and we've answered - we're staying open for one more $5 Friday!

Join us for the last $5 Friday of the 2019 season, as the vintner himself will be serving up the sips for our winery guests from 2-6pm. You'll get your choice of six wines for just five dollars PLUS a souvenir wine glass!

After this weekend, we will only be open on Saturdays and Sundays for the remainder of 2019 (we anticipate December 15th to be our last open day, but stay tuned)

So stop by this Friday, and enjoy a $5 wine tasting or perhaps a glass or two of your favorite LRH varietal. Be be sure to pick Gary's brain on all things wine and wine-making.

(And if you want a laugh, ask him how his favorite NFL team is doing...)


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