2020 Winery Event Schedule

We often have live music at the winery.  Please contact us if you are interested in performing.  

**Note: Groupons cannot be redeemed on Saturdays & Sundays -  that is when we have most of our live performances. However, you may always purchase wine tasting packages directly from us that may be redeemed anytime throughout the season.

Event Name Date Time
 Winery Reopening!  TBD April  
 Mark & Jill Sing The Blues  May 9  1-4pm
 Mother's Day: Charlotte Reilly May 10  1-4pm
 Gabby Hammond May 16  1-4pm
 Jon Tario May 17  1-4pm
 Natalie & Andy May 23  1-4pm
 Joe & Jayden Phillips  May 30  1-4pm
 Sam Reed & Mike Mulholland  June 6  1-4pm
 Carmen & Life's Guilty Pleasures June 7  2-4pm
 Gabby Hammond June 13  1-4pm
 Maddy Hicks  June 14  1-4pm
 Natalie & Andy June 20  1-4pm
 Father's Day: Joe & Jayden Phillips  June 21  1-4pm
 Corry Loveday  June 28  1-4pm
 Charlotte Reilly  July 3  1-4pm
 4th of July: Maddy Hicks  July 4  1-4pm
 Jon Tario July 5  1-4pm
Sam Reed & Mike Mulholland  July 11  1-4pm
 Carmen & Life's Guilty Pleasures  July 12  2-4pm
 Maddy Hicks July 18  1-4pm
 Mark & Jill Sing The Blues July 19  1-4pm
 Corry Loveday July 25  1-4pm
 Natalie & Andy July 26  1-4pm
 Gabby Hammond August 1  1-4pm
 Carmen & Life's Guilty Pleasures August 2  2-4pm
 Natalie & Andy August 8  1-4pm
 Maddy Hicks August 9  1-4pm
 Mark & Jill Sing The Blues August 15  1-4pm
 Corry Loveday August 22  1-4pm
 Gabby Hammond August 23  1-4pm
 Carmen & Life's Guilty Pleasures August 30  2-4pm
 Natalie & Andy September 5  1-4pm
 Corry Loveday September 6  1-4pm