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Wine Club Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to be in the wine club?

$0. There are NO membership fees. By joining our wine club, you are committing to the first shipment of wine and your credit card will be charged when the next wine club release is set to go out (either in March, June, September, or December).

  • How much does each wine club shipment cost?

We've worked hard on the discounts so that our wine club members may enjoy their LRH wine club deliveries at around the same cost (or less!) than they would if they bought the wine at the winery! The price of each wine club shipment will vary depending on 1) which club you've joined 2) which selection of wine is shipped and 3) shipping cost for your desired shipping address. If you'd like us to estimate the typical cost of a wine club shipment for you, just message or email us your wine club membership of choice and your shipping address and we can get you a more exact estimate with shipping and taxes included. 

  • How many shipments will I receive and how often? 

You will receive four wine club shipments per year, one sent in March, June, September, and December. 

  • When can I use my membership wine tastings & other membership benefits? 

After you receive your first order, you may use your membership discounts and complimentary membership wine tastings. Wine club members can enjoy a free wine tasting for up to 4 guests once every quarter depending on when the winery is open. Be sure to check our tasting room hours and keep in mind that we are closed for the winter season, usually between January & March. 

Your benefits last as long as you keep your membership active with your quarterly shipments! 

  • How do I shop in between wine club shipments and receive my membership discounts? 

To take advantage of your wine club membership discounts in between your wine club shipments, you may visit the winery to purchase OR shop online anytime. You must use your email that you used to sign up for the wine club with and use our Out of State Wine Shop even if you are in NY to automatically take advantage of your membership deals. Alternatively, you may always call the winery or message us directly to place an order using your discounts as well. 

  • I see you often have monthly promotions, are those added to my membership discounts?

As wine club members, we promise that you will always have the best deal! However, because of our already steep discounts for membership, we cannot add additional discounts on top (unless the promotion specifically states otherwise). But we will make sure that depending on your specific order and the current promotions, that whichever discount ends up being the most value to you, is what we will apply to your order. 

  • Can I switch from shipping to pick up? Can I add to my quarterly shipment?

Yes and yes! As long as the winery is in-season and open, you may switch from shipping to pick up and you can always increase your quarterly shipment. There are special volume discounts for our wine club members: 12% off for 8+ bottles and 15% off for cases.